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Jiangyin Hengda vehicle parts Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan Water Village, Chang Jing Zhen Jing Shui River -. Chang Jing Zhen is a generation star Shangguan Yunzhu's hometown, where transport facilities, the Shanghai Nanjing high-speed passing through, the geography position is very superior, east adjacent Huaxi Village Changshu, South Wuxi, West Changzhou, North and the first Chinese village --. As the most economically developed Yangtze River Delta area, enjoy the "little Shanghai" reputation.
This is a company set research and development, production, assembly, sales for the integration of production enterprises. The company's products have flexible shaft, electric tricycle, electric bicycle, mower operating line series, plastic products switch assembly series products.
One, company produces various specifications of electric vehicles, electric tricycle, mower, beautiful appearance, stable quality, a number of indicators have reached the international advanced level. Deeply domestic and foreign customers;
Two, annual production of various specifications of flexible shaft core 80000000 meters, products strictly in accordance with the standard production and all kinds of performance test, the flexible shaft series product quality come out in front in the same industry;
Three, the company is engaged in the control line production has decades of history. Matching with the domestic and foreign large companies. The main production of lawn mower operating line, snow blowers operating line, cultivators manipulate line series, pruning machine, go kart fuck manipulation line ordinate series, golf car, beach car, car series, motorcycle, electric vehicle, operating line series diesel engine and other kinds of control switch assembly line and all kinds of plastic products.
The company in recent years development of lawn mower series operating line, the operating handle, a bracket, ABS accelerator line switch, single gear bracket, double gear bracket, mower brake pull rope assembly, trimming machine tensioning wheel control line switches and other components, in the foreign large companies through certification, and a large number of suppliers, the domestic market the delivery rate of ninety percent, is currently at home and abroad were opened up a very broad market. At the same time, won the national patents.
Companies adhere to the "customer first, quality, technology, management and the establishment of the factory" approach zhichang. General manager Li Shiqing and all employees of the company warmly welcome new and old customers to discuss cooperation. The company will provide first-class products and first-class service for you. If necessary, please contact us

Jiangyin Hengda vehicle parts Co., Ltd